Probate Law Resource Guide

  • What does “Probate” even mean?
  • How does probate work in Missouri?
  • How long does an executor have to sell a house?
  • What are my rights as a surviving spouse?
  • And much more.

Selling a house after the death of a parent or loved one can be an emotional time. We’ve experienced the passing of close family members ourselves so we understand the challenges you face when selling inherited property.

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Especially if you’re inheriting a house with siblings. Getting everyone on board for a probate house sale can be a major undertaking.

The procedure to sell a probate property in Mo can be intimidating. But there are resources available to make it a bit easier.

Download the FREE 42-page Probate Law Resource Guide provided by The Missouri Bar.

This booklet will help you understand the procedures involved in the probate process in Missouri.

Prime Property Options, LLC has dedicated our business to informing sellers of the choices they have when needing to sell a probate house in Kansas City, Mo. We want you to be fully aware of all your options – not just what works well for us as buyers.

Download the Free Probate Guide by entering your information to the right. You’ll get immediate access to the pdf of the guide so you can go through it at your own leisure.

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